Wanderlust is a platform where people can explore hidden gems in cities and countries around the world.

The Problem

When people travel to other places, they become informed of all the classic tourist sites to visit. Unfortunately so does everyone else. Tourist sites are crowded and only show a superficial glimpse of the place you are visiting. They don’t really show you what makes a place unique.

The Solution

Wanderlust was created with the purpose to allow people to explore hidden gems in the places they are traveling to. This is not to say tourist sites are not worth seeing. Rather Wanderlust is a platform where people can discover sites that locals enjoy visiting and allow them to have a deeper appreciation for a certain location.


Below you can see my wireframes. The idea at first was for Wanderlust to serve as a simple knowledge platform. I decided to include buttons that would direct people to Airbnb and Priceline if they chose to plan the trip. I also decided to add a profile page where users are able to have a passport book. In the passport book, they will be able to see the stamps of cities and/or countries they visited and also a wishlist with images of places they want to visit in the future.

High Fidelity Mockups

After creating the wireframes and doing some testing, one aspect that was missing was the ability to search for a location from the current page. Having to go back to the homepage to search for a new location, frustrated users. The next task was to find where on the page would be the best place to put the search bar. I decided to place the search bar at the top of the page since users are accustomed to searching at the top of the page and to decrease frustration among the users. By placing the search bar on the top portion of the page, users can instantly find the search bar and know the exact location of it if they choose to search for something else. Below you can see the high fidelity mockup I created with improvements and additions to the wireframe. Keep a lookout for the mobile version.