Tatebudz is a community-fueled recipe app that showcases unique recipes based on the number of ingredients a user has available.


This project was initially done in 2016. Since then I have gone back and redesigned the app on my own. All wireframes and high fidelity mockups showed here have been redesigned recently.

The Problem

People have a limited amount of ingredients or random ingredients and are unsure of how to cook a sensible meal from the ingredients that they have.

The Solution

TasteBudz was created with the purpose of eliminating that sense of uncertainty by displaying a database of recipes to the user based on the ingredients he or she has entered. These recipes would come from users who are willing to share their recipes to the TasteBudz community.

My Role

I worked on TasteBudz with a group of 5 people. Each one of us was a UX designer, and I was additionally the sole UI designer.

User Research

We interviewed various people across our college campus to get a sense of their meal situations. Each student shared with us their constraints and preferences when it came to cooking. Below you can see a user persona that depicts our findings.


We really wanted to emphasize the simple recipes one could create on the homepage. In addition, we wanted our users to easily navigate the trending, recommended, and featured sections, so we decided to go with a Netflix inspired design. Our other important feature was our search process. We wanted to make sure recipes were being suggested once one ingredient was being inputted. Here are some of our wireframes depicting some of the functions we aspired for our app to have at the time. I used Sketch to create these wireframes.

High Fidelity Mockups

Based on the feedback we received from our user testing, we were encouraged to add a page that allows users to add their own recipes. There were other points that were brought but we decided to not go forward with those points since they did not align with the goals of TasteBudz. After receiving and evaluating our feedback, I proceeded to create the visual design of the app with Sketch. You can see a few of the designs below.


Closing Thoughts and Next Steps

We conducted more user testing with our prototype. One of the common suggestions we received was including the ability to filter one’s preferences such as dietary restrictions or even preparation time. We were excited about our overall feedback and would like to incorporate this suggestion in the future.